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New LP "Hypercube" out now
New single "Human Mind"


Hypercube LP (2019)
Hatching LP (2013)


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If King Crimson or Yes had started their career in the 21st century Progressive rock would have been influenced by creative metal bands like Mastodon, Animals as Leaders, Leprous, Mr. Bungle, etc. This is what defines Keep It Deep : a 70’s spirit mixed with a modern metal sound.

After a first LP "Hatching" followed by a single track "Trucks", both mixing very different styles, the band comes back in 2019 with Hypercube: a new LP much more focused on their rock/metal influences.

Keep It Deep are

  • Jean-Paul Kasprzyk: lead vocals, guitar
  • Arnaud Giusti: guitar, backing vocals
  • Thomas Dalla Vecchia: drums, backing vocals
  • Jean-François Devilers: bass, backing vocals


  • 2020/01/31 - Honest House: Keep It Deep + ??
  • @ Liège: Kultura (Rue Roture, 13)

  • 2019/10/11 - Keep It Deep + Quietus (FR) + Vandal X
  • @ Liège: La Zone (Quai de l'Ourthe, 42)

    Facebook Event

  • 2019/05/31 - Keep It Deep + Hetouht + Nani∞Guru (JP)
  • @ Liège: Le Garage Creative Music (rue Marengo 27)

    Facebook event

  • 2019/02/22 - Hypercube release: Keep It Deep + Sonny's Heels + Joseph
  • @ Liège: Reflektor (Pl. Xavier-Neujean 24)

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  • 2019/02/21 - Keep It Deep + Moonchild
  • @ Fléron: Primitiv Music (Rue Churchill 26)

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